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Your Answer to Permanent Hair Reduction

Improve Your Skin's Complexion and Stimulate Collagen Building

A hair removal solution offering peak power with optimal speed. Designed with state-of-the-art diode lasers, the DiolazeXL offers you the most effective hair removal treatment. DiolazeXL has built-in safeguards to ensure that all sessions are comfortable and relatively pain-free. DiolazeXL targets coarse and stubborn hair.

Remember: Please avoid plucking or waxing before your treatment to leave the hair follicles in tact. Please shave 1-3 days before your scheduled treatment. No sun-tanning 3 weeks prior to treatment.

Lasers are helpful at reducing unwanted hair on the face, leg, chin, back, arm, underarm, bikini line, and other areas. The benefits of ditching the razor are:

  • Save time shaving
  • Reduce ingrown hairs
  • Stop feeling embarrassed about your unwanted hair
  • Never hesitate to jump into a swimsuit

• 3-4 weeks: Avoid sun exposure (tans/burns/tanning beds/spray tans)
• 7-10 days: Avoid taking NSAIDS (Aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.), Vitamin E, Fish oil, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng, and St. John’s Wart to reduce your risk of bruising and swelling.
• 2-3 days: Avoid any irritant topical agents.
• 2 days before: Avoid consuming alcohol and/or smoking.
• Ensure that your skin is clean and free from lotions.
• Shave any areas being treated.


• Diolaze xl is a diode laser beam that passes through the skin towards the hair follicles. A layer of cool gel will be applied to the treatment areas.
• During the treatment there will be a bright light. You will be wearing goggles to block your vision from the light. You may feel some mild discomfort in areas with high amounts of hair but it should not be painful.
• You may need up to 4-10 treatments every 4-8 weeks to achieve your desired results. The best time for retreatment is when hair regrowth is observed.


• Sunscreen should be used for at least 3 weeks following your treatment. Avoid sun and tanning exposure.
• Moisturizer may be applied after each treatment.
• Make-up may be applied immediately after facial treatment if skin is intact.
• During the first 2 days after the treatment, avoid hot baths, massage or anything else that could be traumatic to the skin.

All treatments include up to 6 sessions over 6-8 months, and up to 2 touchups in the following 18 months.

Regular Area Treatments ($250 per session): Face (full), Upper back, Lower back, Upper arms, Lower arms, Brazilian, Upper legs, Lower legs, Head scalp, Chest, Stomach – $1,999

Small Area Treatments ($150 per session): Cheeks (of face), Neck, Cleavage, Underarms, Shoulders, Bikini, Glutes, Uni-brow, Upper lip, Chin, Areola, Hands and fingers, Feet and toes, Happy trail, Peri-anal – $1,199

Women’s Swim Package: (Bikini, Underarms & Full Legs) – $2,999

Altavida Elevate Members – 10% off

Altavida Elevate Elite Members – 20% off

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